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Promobot for your business

Create your own business on the basis of Promobot

Promobot is an autonomous service robot. It is able to communicate with people, move around avoiding collisions, move your hands and head and show various materials on its display.

Promobot is a popular solution for renting at various exhibitions, forums, presentations. Marketers of large companies are aware of the effectiveness of this solution and the demand for promobot rental for various activities is high.

Rental price of Promobot V.2 per day


Rental price of Promobot V.4 per day


Despite being high-tech device, Promobot is quite simple and profitable business

You deliver the robot in the morning and remove it in the evening. The robot is fully autonomous. There is no need to be present next to it all the time.

Due to the fact that the robot is fully Autonomous, it communicates with people, presents materials. The robto only needs to charge.

The linguistic database makes it easy to set the robot up and reduces the time. A user-friendly interface allows marketers with minimal or no technical education to program the robot.

Technical support service is not just a one-word response. It is a service of assistance, support and partnership. Technical support specialists are not just faceless voices and chat messages. They are true partners and comrades.

The head office of Promobot company receives a lot of requests for collaboration from all over the world. This supports partners and increases the number of orders. The commission for the transfer of contacts is not charged.

These companies rented Promobot

Promobot is an internationally established brand

Skolkovo resident

Prombot Company is developing in the field of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, mechatronics and other high-tech directions. Due to this, the company is one of the most innovative companies in Russia today.

Startup Village 2015 winner

Company Promobot became the winner of the international competition of innovative startups Startup Village 2015, in the category “Robotics”. The industry experts were among the juries, they found LLC Promobot to be the best company among the 2,500 nominees.

Forbes 30 under 30

Founders of the company Promobot are on the list of the most successful entrepreneurs under 30 years according to the Forbes international edition.

Slush 2015 Helsinki

Promobot entered a short list of 100 of the most successful companies on the largest European competition of innovation companies, it also received Audience Choice Award prize. In total, over 15,000 companies from all over Europe took part in the competition in 2015

GenerationS 2014 winner

In 2014 the company won the main competition of innovative startups in Russia, GenerationS. The company was recognized as the best industrial manufacturer of 2014.

AMEC Awards

Promobot’s coverage and media activity were marked by the international AMEC Awards in the field of mass communications. This fact had a positive impact on the company’s entire network of partners.

Promobot is a product which is popular all over the world

400 Robots implemented

46 Distributors and partners

15 Service centers

Promobot is capable of

  • Reducing personnel costs
  • Improving the efficiency of business tasks
  • Improving the quality of service
  • Improving the mood and loyalty of customers
  • Facilitate the work of the core staff
  • Highlight the company among competitors
  • Informing about new discounts, promotions, products
  • Associating the company with high technologies
  • Positively influencing the financial performance of companies where robots work