Story of Elegant Art Events

At the moment we rent the robot out.

Robots – it is something that will very soon come into everyday life and become something ordinary like telephones. We did not study the robotics market, in order to compare and choose the most profitable option for business. But when we saw Promobot, we decided to try. The key was that it was the Russian robot.


Story of the INPK Business Group

In August 2017 the first robot concierge in Russia appeared in the design of the TeslaDom apartment house. This has become a bright newsbreak in the Russian and international media space. Hundreds of media have written about us, we received a lot of calls from journalists. The TeslaDom project became the finalist of the Urban Awards 2017 in the “Innovation” nomination. All this naturally led to interest from buyers. 


Promobot Digest (January 30)

CES-2018 in Las Vegas may be over, but the adventures of Promobot in the USA are certainly not. Alexey Yuzhakov went to Miami, where he met with the company’s current and future partners. Entering the American market is a promising step and a new challenge that our company is taking with excitement.