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Promobot V.2

What is Promobot capable of?

To date, several hundred second generation Promobots have been operating in twenty six countries around the world and are performing the following tasks:

Communicate with people on general and narrow topics (in the linguistic database there are more than 100 000 speech modules in 7 languages)

Answer the specialized questions (the question-answer system allows you to create smart dialogs)

Get acquainted and recognize people (the robot is able to remember and greet visitors)

Moving, avoiding obstacles (avoiding obstacles, detecting the largest concentration of people)

Show various materials on their display (during communication, the robot is able to show photos, videos or links to websites).

Create analytical reports on visitors (robots see visitors and provide information about the number, sex and age of the guests).

Promobots V.2 work as

    • Administrators
      Meet visitors, help with navigation, talk about the company
    • Promoters
      Talk about products
    • Hostesses
      Welcome the guests, indicate the necessary direction
  • Consultants
    Consult on products of interest, show photos and video materials
  • Museum guides
    Talk about exhibits
  • Managers at exhibitions
    Draw attention to the stand, consult, talk about the company and products

Technologies of Promobot

Movement controller

Power controller

Touch-detection system

Third-Party Solutions Own developments

Face recognition

Voice recognition

Speech synthesis

Analytical Reports

Smart Way Ad

Actuating mechanisms
control module

Autonomous movement
and navigation module

Mudule of peripheral
and extermal devices control

Cognitive Engine:
1. Dialogue module
2. Interaction module

Sevice of deep learning of neural networks on the basis of unstructured big data

Service of the speech synthesis
of phrase-reply on the native language

Third-Party Solutions Own developments

5 degrees of freedom of hands

3 degrees of freedom of torso

3 degrees of freedom of head

Adaptive elevator of the vertical movement

Shockproof body and parts

Third-Party Solutions Own developments

213 Pomobots are already working

robots are already working

Options of implementation of Promobot

1. Promo

Attracting new customers to the location, demonstration of photo and video
materials about the product.

Exhibitions, retail

2. Consultant

To provide a consultation, answer the questions of the clients
about the product, good or service. A variety of languages is
available. It is possible to implement new languages.

Salons of mobile operators, banks

Active navigation

It is able to show a map of the location win the current postition of the person and autonomously follow him or get him to the place.

Airports, museums, big malls

4. Entertainment

Communication with humans on a variety of topics, jokes, videous, printing photos and other entertainment services.


5. Questionnaire

Collect of data about the client in easygoing interactive manner. A lead generation tool increases the salse.


Technology of Promobot V.2 is capable of

  • Improving the quality of service
  • Improving the mood and loyalty of customers
  • Facilitating the work of key staff
  • Identifying the company among competitors
  • Informing about new discounts, promotions, products
  • Associating the company with high technology
  • Positively influencing the financial performance of companies where robots work

Make Promobot your business

Make money renting robots out. The market value of renting out the robot in an average is $1000 per day. Rent out the robots at any time and earn from $280 for 3 hours!

Arrange exhibitions of robotics and earn by selling entrance tickets

Apply it in your business. Stand out among competitors, attract new customers and raise financial performance of your company

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