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Promobot in the USA

The Russian company will supply more than 2,000 Promobot robots to the US for $ 56 million

Russian robot-assistants Promobot will appear in the United States. Perm robotics company that created Promobot robots signed a contract for the supply of 2800 of its robots to an American company Intellitronix. Intellitronix will have exclusive rights for distribution of those companies. This was reported to Vedomosti by Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot, and Paul Spivak, CEO of Intellitronix. According to them, the exclusive right of distribution will cost the American company $600,000, and for the entire batch of robots Intellitronix can pay up to $56.7 million within five years.

Spivak stated that Intellitronix is able to sell any amount of robots. The sales will depend on the manifacturing capacity of the Promobot company. He clarifies that Intellitronix intends to sell robots under the Promobot brand. Spivak does not see any problems with the Russian origin of robots (Promobot robots are assembeld in Perm, Russia, according to Promobot representatives).

Today Promobot’s priority is to increase production.That is why the company is looking for investors in Russia and abroad, including the Silicon Valley. Demand in the US is higher than Promobot can satisfy, because the company has obligations to partners in other countries, says Iuzhakov. To date, about 320 robots are sold, says Iuzhakov: about 65% – in Russia, the rest – in 18 other countries

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Promobot is an internationally recognized brand

Skolkovo resident

Prombot Company is developing in the field of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, mechatronics and other high-tech directions. Due to this, the company is one of the most innovative companies in Russia today.

Startup Village 2015 winner

Company Promobot became the winner of the international competition of innovative startups Startup Village 2015, in the category “Robotics”. The industry experts were among the juries, they found LLC Promobot to be the best company among the 2,500 nominees.

Forbes 30 under 30

Founders of the company Promobot are on the list of the most successful entrepreneurs under 30 years according to the Forbes international edition.

Slush 2015 Helsinki

Promobot entered a short list of 100 of the most successful companies on the largest European competition of innovation companies, it also received Audience Choice Award prize. In total, over 15,000 companies from all over Europe took part in the competition in 2015

GenerationS 2014 winner

In 2014 the company won the main competition of innovative startups in Russia, GenerationS. The company was recognized as the best industrial manufacturer of 2014.

AMEC Awards

Promobot’s coverage and media activity were marked by the international AMEC Awards in the field of mass communications. This fact had a positive impact on the company’s entire network of partners.

Promobot is a product which is popular all over the world

400 Robots implemented

46 Distributors and partners

15 Service centers

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