Story of the Children Space Center (Kirov)

Viktor Savinykh, the hundredth cosmonaut of the Earth and twice Hero of the Soviet Union, presented the Children Space Center in Kirov with the robot Promobot. The center has not yet been opened, but the robot has already met with the Kirov people at Tsiolkovsky Readings – it told about the center and the exhibits. The robot will perform the function of the guide in the center: communicate with visitors, answer their questions, talk about the exhibits and attractions of the center, the achievements of the world space industry.

The creation of this center is also the initiative of Viktor Savinykh. The Center calls its goals patriotic, scientific aesthetic education and upbringing, orienting them toward the profession of the most advanced branches of science and technology.

Viktor Savinykh

“For five years we have been building this center, and finally, its opening will take place. All the most innovative exhibits will be collected here, which should awaken children’s interest in space, science, technology, explains Victor Savinykh.

“Robots are also an innovation, they are the future. After getting to know Aleksei Iuzhakov, co-founder of Promobot, it became clear to me that a Promobot is necessary for the center. Here it will communicate with the kids, answer their questions, talk about the center and the exhibits. “