Story of Enterprise Systems

We rent out and sell robots. Our company’s field of activity is innovation. We are engaged in various IT projects, block chain. When it became possible to become a partner of Promobot and be related to robots and robotics, we immediately took advantage of it.

Forming a new market is a big advantage. But at the same time, this is a big challenge. How to persuade organizations to pay a rent for a robot, which is a lot of money? How to bring to the public the benefits of this know-how? How to convince to buy an expensive robot and how will it return the investments? And so on. In general, any difficulties are overcome only by perseverance.

For a short experience, the most memorable moments were when we just bought a robot – we had to burn ourselves many times before we understood all the nuances.

One day our robot “cut” the ribbon together with representatives of non-governmental organizations, there were guests from different countries and the robot spoke in Russian and English in turn. The staff liked the robot so much that “Argosha” (client was the ARGO company) became part of their team and they still remember about it (a year later).

At one event in Astana there were about 1000 guests. For 5 hours we counted more than one and a half thousand selfies with a robot. All articles in the media about this event included a photo with the robot in their materials.

The most touching story was about the 5 year old boy. There was an event called Go Viral, lasting 3 days. On the first day, this boy saw a robot and fell in love with it, he constantly hugged it and practically did not leave it. So he came all three days (together with his grandmother) to communicate with our iron friend. On the last day of the event in the evening, we started to get home and turned off the robot – the boy seeing it, cried badly as he thought the robot had died ☺. We explained to him that everything was in order. It was necessary to see it live the children are very sincere and it touches the soul.

For 1 year of work, the robot fell about 5 times, was broken several times, repainted and changed its outfit dozens of times, but it is reliable.

In our country there is a program «Digital Kazakhstan», within the framework of which robots will be used even greater demand for automation of various spheres of life. Inside the country, we see great prospects for Promobot. We are planning to become a global partner of Promobot, on the territory of the entire Central Asia and possibly even in America.

Our goal is to become the best partner of Promobot in this year!

Yevgeny Kim,
director of LLP “Enterprise Systems”