Story of the Factory of the Future

We have always worked in the field of IT, we are engaged in interactive technologies, and as a result we came to robotics. The advantage of working with robots is that we get pleasure from our work. It is most important.

We created the very format of interactive exhibitions of robotics and technology, which now operate throughout the country. And created a unique show of drones.

At exhibitions people do not hesitate to talk to Promobot.

But working with robotics is a constant difficulties and overcoming them. And if Promobot works less steadily, and they have technical support, then the rest is not so good. Breakdowns and repairs, and at the decision, the main resource is the specialists who are engaged in maintenance.

Now we are thinking about buying Promobot V4.

Aleksei Golyshev,
the head of the company “Factory of the future”