Story of the Historical Park “Russia is My History”

For the Historical Park “Russia is My History” Perm Territory the emergence of Promobot is an important and, in many ways, a natural event. It is not the first robot employee in Perm, but it looks outstanding in a museum environment. We must understand that the Historical Park is no longer a museum. The most modern technologies are concentrated here, allowing to visualize the history of Russia, including the most recent one. In this sense, the appearance of the Promombot is natural. In general, the combination of these two types of modern technology makes the Historical Park even more attractive in the eyes of visitors. And the increased interest was noticed from the first days. Especially after the emergence of Promobot highlighted the media. Many visitors began to come specially with children and in groups to talk with Promobot.

Promotion in the Historical Park has several functions. First of all, it can meet visitors and answer their questions, starting with practical ones – about park expositions and the cost of tickets, ending with general questions relating to the history of Russia. At the same time, Promobot appeals to visitors as it was done in Russia in certain periods of its history. In this role, the robot partially performs the role of administrator, facilitating the work of real employees.

История Исторического парка "Россия - моя история"

The second aspect of Promobot’s activity is the combination of modern technologies in the Historical Park with the capabilities of the robot. To date, it can conduct two small “excursions”. One of them introduces visitors to the panoramic interactive hall. During the “excursion” Promobot tells about all the quizzes and interactive objects located in the hall. At the same time, it allows visitors to study them carefully, after which it continues to give information. There are two options for this excursion. The first – for young children, the second – for seniors and adults. During the “excursion” for kids, Promobot acts not only as a narrator. It also “sings” a song and dances. Perhaps the most interesting workplace of Promobot can be considered the halls, telling about the history of Russia in the 2000s. It talks about the achievements of our country in recent years. The robot looks naturally in modern halls of the museum. Especially if you consider that the exhibition, which is unchanged in all the historical parks in Russia, is represented by the image of the second generation of Promobot. The participants of the excursion can visually see the progress in robotics and Russian innovations.

Despite the fact that the “excursions” of Promobot are not independent, they only complete the tour of the exposition “Russia is my history 1945-2016”, they are already becoming an important component of the activities of the Historical Park in Perm. It is these excursions that distinguish the Perm historical park from the other fifteen, functioning today in Russia.

История Исторического парка "Россия - моя история"

Visitors of different ages respond differently to Promobot. The most sympathetic audience is the younger schoolchildren. Their interest in the robot borders on delight, although at first they look at it with caution. It enjoys great popularity among women. They are more likely to evoke tenderness. It is different about teenagers and students. Their first reaction is laughter, critical and skeptical attitude, but as they communicate, it turns into serious interest. They begin to communicate enthusiastically, ask questions about the iconic dates, on topics that are studied in school. Interact with the robot and representatives of the older generation. They ask questions about the events from the history of Russia. In general, I must say that first people react to the robot very emotionally and only after a few minutes are ready to perceive the information that it reports. Everyone likes that the robot not only speaks, but also shows emotions through color, change of facial expressions. A special delight for women and girls is caused by eye-hearts facial expression of the robot.

Kozlova Veronika Yurievn
chief researcher of the Historical Park “Russia is My History”