Story of CentroBot

Until recently, rented out and promoted robots only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. And now several contracts for the purchase of robots at the signing stage.

As soon as I saw the robot and learned about its potential capabilities and applications, I immediately realized that there is a perspective and a future in this direction.

The advantages and prospects for this business, in my opinion, are really great. And already in the very nearest future, a business that is somehow connected with robots will not be something special.

We did not have any special difficulties. There were some technical questions. But thanks to the prompt and qualified assistance of specialists from Promobot, the issues were resolved quickly.

Probably the most memorable project, this is the first project. For me, he is very exciting and responsible. We worked with Illaria, that’s the name of my robot, at the presentation of Bionoric. And they completed this event perfectly.

The second project which in fact I planned to do first, but there were circumstances, is the sponsor’s “work” of the robot in the republican rehabilitation center for disabled children. It was especially exciting and responsible. But my fears were in vain. Children really liked the robot.

Well, the third project, one of the last. This is work at the exhibition, at the stand “Belprofsoyuzkurort” where the robot advertised sanatoriums and health resorts of the Republic of Belarus. And there it made a stunning effect and won popularity. In addition, he was mentioned and shown in the news on different television channels of the republic.

The plans are really big and ambitious enough. I would not like to go into details yet. But for that small period of time with the robots I can say confidently that the interest in robots, from the business of Belarus, and not only this country, now begins to “wake up”. And already there is an interest and a desire to use robots in their projects. So, cooperation with the company PROMOBOT will only be strengthened. Well, the results will not take long.

Andrey Koleda