Story of Elegant Art Events

At the moment we rent the robot out.

Robots – it is something that will very soon come into everyday life and become something ordinary like telephones. We did not study the robotics market, in order to compare and choose the most profitable option for business. But when we saw Promobot, we decided to try. The key was that it was the Russian robot.

Thus, on the one hand, working with the PROMOBOT seemed interesting and promising.

On the other hand, it was nice to imagine a robot from Russia in the UAE. We are proud to say that the robot is made in Russia.

Now robots are a completely new product. This is also a drawback, because people do not yet understand what a robot is and why do they need it. But at the same time, competition is intense, which makes it possible to earn more.

The difficulties were in some technical aspects – work with the linguistic base and parts of the robot. When we bought it, we had no idea how this works. With the help of specialists from PROMOBOT, these difficulties have been easily overcome.

Another difficulty is the Internet. In the UAE the speed is low and, usually, the quality is worse than in Russia. This complicates the work.

One of the first projects – the robot worked at the exhibition Capacity Middle East for Turk Telekom International. It was nice to see how popular the robot is among the visitors and how many people wanted to talk with him.

Exhibition COMEX 2017 in Oman city of Muscat – a robot worked for the telecommunications company OMAN BROADBAND. People stood in line to talk to the robot and get a photo from him. Also our robot welcomed one of Oman’s ministers at the company’s stand and made a photo for him.

The project Toys Rus is a global network of shops with children’s toys. I had to worry about the robot, because the children were delighted and almost teared it apart.

The trend of robots in the UAE is increasingly relevant, more and more companies are interested in robots. At the moment, we would like to upgrade our robot! The work of the robot has already been planned for the exhibition for British Petroleum.

Sergey Memus
Elegant Art Events