Somehow, I chose toys for children and my attention was attracted by robotics kit, now every child can independently collect, program and manage robotic models. Then, I thought, here it is our future – a world where all sorts of intelligent robots will be an integral part of everyday life. According to the forecast of the American research company Renub Research (March 2018), by the end of 2024 the world market of service robotics intended for servicing people will grow 13 times and exceed $ 60 billion.

Робот Юлиус участвовал в церемонии открытия Парка Будущего в ВДЦ “Смена”, г. Анапа

So, the decision was made to engage in service robots, chose the company Promobot, their robots looked the most promising, and most importantly, they could work completely autonomously and possess the most advanced “Cognitive Engine”, simply speaking the brains, allowing the robot to independently conduct an intelligent dialogue with the person.

Now we rent robots out as well as sell them. Of course, in the process of developing and introducing such a high-tech product to the market, some questions and difficulties arose, it was not always possible to achieve the same level of intelligence from the robot as we would like, but we must give a credit to the Promobot service support team – they always helped us and we managed to find acceptable solution.

Our robots took part in various events, for example:

A robot named Elektronik worked as an animator in the residental complex “Urozhainiy”, Sochi, Adler district. Entertained children and their parents – answered questions, joked, made riddles, sang songs, danced and of course made memorable photos. Children liked it so much, that we already began to worry about its integrity, but Promobot was a tough nut and after such a stormy conversation was safe and sound.

The robot Julius participated in the opening ceremony of the Park of the Future at the “Smena” child center, in Anapa. Together with Peter Kuleshov (the host of the show-room “My Game”) who was invited as the presenter, gave a final countdown on the opening of the Park of the Future and communicated with visitors.

Робот Юлиус участвовал в церемонии открытия Парка Будущего в ВДЦ “Смена”, г. Анапа

Our robot Elektronik took an active part in the role of realtor-consultant at the exhibition of real estate and repair in Krasnodar. It skillfully advertised its objects, communicated with visitors and exhibitors and demonstrated the possibility of lead generation, offering a discount on facilities. Participants, noticing Elektronik at the exhibition, tried to make it work on their booth, so that our robot was a welcome guest at any exposition. And, of course, Elektronik caused a storm of positive emotions among visitors, gave a festive mood and smiles, made photographs and selfies with all comers, and the children sang songs and danced.

Робот Юлиус участвовал в церемонии открытия Парка Будущего в ВДЦ “Смена”, г. Анапа

In cooperation with Promobot, we plan to further develop and expand the intellectual capabilities of the robot, making its communication as sensible, interesting and useful for people as possible. We will introduce robots into the spheres of everyday interaction with people.

Aleksej Pridorozhnyj
Managing director