Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

The robot of the company Promobot, which we call Cliosha, serves as a guide in our museum. In one of the halls of the permanent exposition dedicated to the newest national history, it tells visitors about the most iconic exhibits related to the economic development of Russia in the 21st century. The time of the excursion at Cliosha is about half an hour, at the end it answers the visitors’ questions. In addition, the robot can conduct specially designed excursions for children in a dialogue format. The guide questions it, and Cliosha gives detailed answers and accompanies them with photos or videos on its screen. Children can also participate in the dialogue.

The main help provided by Cliosha is that it is an exhibit itself that demonstrates the development of Russia in the economic sphere in the new century. Its presence allows diversifying excursion programs and makes visitors smile. Almost all visitors, after seeing the robot-guide, want to talk with it.

As mentioned above, almost all visitors are trying to talk to Cliosha. They approach it, get acquainted, ask questions. Many of them agree take part in the excursion the robot offers. However, the adult public, interacts with Cliosha slightly worse than that the younger generation. But everyone is satisfied and says goodbye to him with a smile.

Ksenia Stolyarova
Research Fellow of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia