Story of LLC “TRIOBOT”

After I left my previous job, I once again thought about what to do, I mean the business sphere. I did not want to do trivial trade “socks” – I wanted something unusual, promising and interesting, and the robots met all of my requirements.

For two years now we have been selling, renting out and servicing robots. And of course, we are ready to share our experience and provide support on any issues related to the robot at any time.

We constantly work to improve the quality of service and every event we organize helps us better understand what our customers need and what people expect from the robot.

The latest rental projects are robots for the Interplastica 2018 and Prodskpo 2018. One of the memorizing events is the robot at the Winners’ Games in 2017. Activities with children – it’s always difficult. For a robot this test is in technical terms, it requires the increased attention of a technical specialist. But the joy of children and their reaction to the robot, the excitement around it, are worth the effort to do everything at the highest level.

I remember very well when we brought three robots at once to Innopolis (Tatarstan). Technical organization and delivery have become a test for us, but we have coped and gained new experience. The robots we rented for welcome-zone in the company SAP and at the Christmas evening of the Russian-German foreign trade chamber. Among our customers are dairy producers, communication agencies, credit organizations, internet portals, shopping centers, petrochemical producers, etc.

When we are contacted to buy a robot, it is interesting to find out for which application for it is planned. For example, at Smolensk, it worked at a children’s dental clinic. The customer creatively approached the entertainment of children and inform their parents about interesting facts in dentistry.

Do you know how the first production of brushes appeared? It turns out that the brush was invented by a prisoner in the 18th century, in England. Sitting in the cell, he made it from availible materials – bones and bristles, made a brush for teeth. And when he came out – he created his own company for the production of toothbrushes – Wisdom Toothbrushes, it exists to this day.

In general, working with a robot is very interesting – new acquaintances, business contacts. With a new event, you always learn something new. There is a constant development, some sort of “moving”, you are not standing still.

For buyers of robots who want to build a business like ours, we are ready to offer ready-made legal, promotional materials for free – this material is given you buy a robot.

In the plans we intend to continue to tell people about Promobot, its functions, and together with the other partners of Promobot try to maximize the popularity of the service robot market. After all, in fact, not many know about them and the opportunities they provide.

Sergey Vologin
Director of LLC TRIOBOT