The history of the exhibition “City of Robots”

Robots are a topic that interests many people, it is always relevant. Modern children from a small age are fond of robotics and programming, and some students even create their own robots. We decided to develop this topic and show the inhabitants of Russian cities what robots now exist all over the world, what is their uniqueness and peculiarity.

Robots are progress. When you go in step with the times, you become a part of this progress. We are always aware of technical innovations and modern developments.

Robots are machines, and like any non-living creature, they break down periodically, at first there were difficulties related precisely from the engineering point of view. But now we have a large staff of engineers who repair, treat and love each of our robots.

История выставки «Город роботов»

For us, each of our projects is memorable, but there are special moments.

I remember the exhibition in Volgograd when the first Russian Promobot v.3 arrived in Russia, his brothers were with us from the very beginning, and we were waiting for this robot for a long time. Each of our employees wanted to work with this robot, its facial expressions did not leave anyone indifferent. Visitors lined up to take pictures with this guy. And of course, its voice! This guy gathers crowds around it at every exhibition.

История выставки «Город роботов»

Also, the repeated exhibition of robots in Kazan is of great importance for us. We returned with the “City of Robots” in Kazan for the second time and updated the inhabitants of our robot-city by almost 70%. This is the first exhibition where the most advanced Promobot v.4 appeared.

In our park there are 3 Promobots of the second, 2 Promobots of the third and 1 Promobot of the fourth generation. We believe that Promobot is the most ready robot-promoter from the commercial point of view. As from the point of view of stable operation, autonomous communication and performance of tasks, and the approach of the company’s “Promobot” team to customers. It is clear that technical support in robotics is an important element. Specialists of “Promobot” always react to our requests and allow quickly to solve technical problems very quickly.

We were pleased to meet representatives of the company in Las Vegas at CES2018, are proud that we are really working with an advanced company.

История выставки «Город роботов»

Continuous development is our moto, we are waiting for new developments of the company “Promobot” and we will be happy to become the first buyers of new robots.

We want to show more cities to Promobot, visit the best shopping centers of our country and demonstrate the abilities of this unique robot to all our guests.

Alina Starodubtseva
Organizer of the exhibition “City of Robots”