Story of the Museum of Automotive Art

The Automobile Art Museum bought robots to attract customers. The museum itself is innovative, but one of the floors is dedicated exclusively to robotics. Smart robots, robots-guides who fully answer the questions of people and communicate with them, detect human facial expressions, recognize those who came before, joke and, undoubtedly, attract people. All the robots were given names.

In my opinion, in this business there are and there will be benefits, since this is a product based on Skolkovo.

There were difficulties with the delivery of the robot, but the Promobot logistics team reacted quickly, and later helped with other unpredictable situations. A special thanks to them!

Now I started my new business, but I would like to continue to work with Promobot, help them and participate in all the exhibitions with their products. We have common customers, but we are not competitors, we make game simulators with virtual reality, and we can be useful to each other.

Egor Prikazchikov
Manager for Development of the Museum of Automotive Art