Promobot V.2

Service robot for business

Promobot V.2 communicates with people, recognizes faces and speech in different languages, moves autonomosly while avoiding obstacles. The robot is autonomous – it does not need human control for its work.
Head equipped with a video camera, speaker and microphone array 1 of 9

Interactive LCD display

with touch controls for displaying information

2 of 9
Mechanical arms 3 of 9

Movement platform

4 of 9
Movement sensors to avoid obstacles during movement 5 of 9 Camera 6 of 9

Microphone array

7 of 9

Charging Port

8 of 9
USB port to download promotional materials 9 of 9

What Promobot V.2 can do

Give information on company and services


Move avoiding obstacles

Recognize and remember faces
Show the promotional materials on the screen
Communicate, answer questions
Print receipts and coupons
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Efficient operation

Promobot V.2 helps


Save on salaries

Help employees with menial tasks

Automate business processes


Serve the customers faster

Improve the mood and engage with people

Attract new customers


Attract media attention

Stand out among the competitors

Create an image of a high-tech company


Promobot activities

Promobot in action


What's inside

Stages of production

Robot carcass
V.2 carcass is made of lightweight aluminum alloy
Electronic parts
Wiring, circuit board and processor installment, electronic parts arrangement happens at this stage. Specific hardware is also being installed during this stage such as printers, etc.
Each plastic detail of Promobot is fireproof
Promobot’s interface is Linux OS by default. At this stage our programmers and linguists develop robot’s linguistic database, face and speech recognition systems, navigation
Each Promobot robot undergoes more than 20 hours of tests during which our engineers troubleshoot and fix any issues until robot works perfectly

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By submitting an application, you agree to the processing of personal data according to the privacy policy