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What is Promobot?

Promobot is an autonomous robot designed for business purposes. It is able to communicate with people on any topic, recognize faces, answer questions, move around avoiding obstacles, move its arms and head, show various materials on its display and integrate with third-party devices and systems.

To date, several hundred of our Promobot robots operate in 26 countries around the world. They perform the functions of administrators, promoters, hostesses, museum guides, consultants, concierges and many others in various crowded places such as banks, shopping centers, museums, residential complexes, business centers and many others.

The Promobot robot allows you to:

    • Reduce labour costs
    • Improve the quality of service
  • Improve the mood and loyalty of the customers
  • Make the company stand out from its competitors
  • Positively influence the financial performance of the company


Full autonomy

The robot does not need to be accompanied by a specialist. It moves and talks autonomously, thanks to the systems of movement and communication.

Easy to use

Due to Promobot’s user-friendly interfaces, the robot’s owner can easily add the necessary phrases and rules to the robot, as well as create new movements, facial expressions, and even dances.

Service and warranty

The robots have one-year warranty. Customers are provided with free technical support service throughout the life of the robot. Expert help is available 7 days a week.

Flexible terms of purchasing

The company Promobot has leasing and finance options, which allow you to purchase the robot under comfortable conditions.

Convenience of communication

The robot is able to adapt to the height of a person it communicates with. This feature makes communication with the robot comfortable for children and adults. The system of microphones allows the robot to recognize the speech of the person it communicates with in the noisiest places.

Audience demand

People will switch their attention to the robot as they will want to talk and take a picture with it. It creates an additional stream of visitors to the company where it is used. And the quality of communication with the robot increases customers’ loyalty and susceptibility to information, and, as a result, positively affects the financial performance of the company.



In 2015, when we began to work with robots it was a new, interesting and, in our opinion, a promising direction. We wanted to find our place in the developing, innovative direction of service robots. Read more
Julia Davydova
The robot is pleasant to visitors, it inspires confidence in itself and the company. It cheers people up with its jokes and compliments. People, after communicating with it, expect that we offer a good, modern product, and we, in turn, justify these expectations. Read more
Victoria Savchenko
It is much easier to work with the robot: it combines the functions of a promoter and administrator. As a result, we save on hiring two human employees. The robot does not get tired and does not stutter. People approach it, and people are much more loyal to its ads than to flyers, which have to be taken from the hands of the promoter. Read more
Dinara Mankova
The robot has the appeal of innovation, it attracts attention, and the materials that it demonstrates, do not cause the usual rejection of advertising. Promobot talks, jokes, compliments, and embeds promo-conversations in a casual conversation with a person. Read more
Evgeny Volodin
There were no difficulties, partnership with the company “Promobot” is always on top, all disputable situations are always solved promptly through negotiations. We do not have any issues with the robot. It is easy to use, in technical settings, aesthetically it is very pleasant, which is important when dealing with people.Read more
Maria Feoktistova
In August 2017 the first robot concierge in Russia appeared in the design of the TeslaDom apartment house. This has become a bright newsbreak in the Russian and international media space. Hundreds of media have written about us, we received a lot of calls from journalists. The TeslaDom project became the finalist of the Urban Awards 2017 in the “Innovation” nomination. All this naturally led to interest from buyers.. Read more
Timur Zakharchenko
Head of Sales Department, INPK Business Group
Robots attracts attention and leaves no one indifferent. Sweet, sociable, it jokes and compliments people. Everyone wants to be photographed with it: both children and adults, old and young. Read more
Alfred Akhtyamov
Director General of LLC “Leader 586”, Cafe NEW COFFEE