Promobot Educational platform

It helps you learn robotics, programming and artificial intelligence
on modern robots used in real-world business sectors.

Promobot Education includes

Promobot V.4
service robot

The robot recognizes and synthesizes speech,
moves freely and connects to external systems
and services

Promobot Rooky

It helps you learn mechatronics and electronics,
programming languages and algorithms,
assembly and maintenance of the robot in practice.

Promobot Robox
Educational kit

The Robox learning kit consists of
four main components: interface unit, distance sensor,
servo drive and software.

The package also includes


It includes a set of platform programs,
including a virtual environment for simulating device
behavior before experimenting on a real object.
Students can work with the equipment in a virtual environment,
either in the classroom or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Teaching aids

The material is divided into two levels,
allowing a robotics course or elective for any age, from 12 to 22.
The curriculum and methodological recommendations
for teachers shall be included.

Learn with Promobot

Promobot can help in learning

JavaScript, С++ programming

Facial recognition algorithms

Management system prototyping
Modbus, RTU and TCP communication protocols

ROS programming

Python programming
Where can Promobot be used?

Places of Application

Colleges and universities

Schools and further education organizations

What Promobot can do​

Promobot helps to

Build an image of a high-tech university

See the results of student’s work in real time

Attract media attention
Provide a complex approach to studying various areas of programming and robotics

Make the learning process more interactive

Possible development exchange between the manufacturer and the school

Client stories

Robot Teaches at the American Community College
Robot begins work at university in Kuwait

Promobot activities

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