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Promobot is the largest service robotics manufacturer in Northern and Eastern Europe.

We carry out developments in the fields of mechatronics, electronics, artificial intelligence and neural networks, autonomous navigation, speech recognition, development of artificial skin and muscles, and human-machine interaction.

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Aleksei Iuzhakov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Oleg Kivokurtsev



Maxim Chugunov


Igor Eremeev


Maxim Utev

Chief Designer
How it all began

Company history​​


First stepsOleg Kivokurtsev first became interested in robotics in 2013, during his fifth year at the university where he studied Civil Engineering. Together with Maxim Utev, his classmate, and Igor Yeremeev, then a graduate student at the electrical engineering faculty, they developed their first snow plowing robot. They recorded a video of its work and uploaded it to YouTube ― after that the robot was sold for $3000 to a robot aficionado in Czech Republic.
First investmentsDuring a student startup competition the three met Alexey Yuzhakov, an angel investor. Alexey proposed the first areas of use for the robot (i.e. consultants, promoters, guides) and made the first capital investment of $10 000.
Promobot V.1The software for the very first Promobot robot was developed by Igor, Maxim and Oleg. The only software that was purchased was licensing for speech and face recognition system that were developed by another company. Most of the components were purchased at Alibaba. That includes accumulators, head motors, wheels and hand manipulators, as well as obstruction sensors, processors and other electronic components.


Promobot V.2The second generation of Promobot got the new body design, lower energy consumption and more reliable mechanics. It became better at face recognition and now could recognize a crowd of people and approach them. Before that, the robot only moved in random directions.
Skolkovo ResidentsPromobot became a resident of IT-cluster at Skolkovo Foundation.
Slush Startup Superstar 2015In 2015, Promobot participated in Shush 2015, the largest European startup and technology conference & expo. The event took place in Helsinki, Finland. Promobot received the audience award and was named Slush Startup Superstar.


Forbes 30 Under 30At 24 years old, the cofounder of Promobot Oleg Kivokurtsev appeared in the top-30 most outstanding entrepreneurs from Europe in ‘Industry’
Promobot escapes!During the navigation system tests one of Promobot V.2 robots ‘escaped’ the testing area. One of engineers left the door open while leaving the robot on autopilot mode. The robot escaped the premises, drove several dozens meters down the street and stopped the traffic at a nearby road. The police quickly arrived and while they couldn’t arrest the robot they fined the engineer for carelessness.
Promobot V.3Promobot V.3 was different from the previous model not just in its appearance, but also in its functionality: robot now can find the charging station by itself, it got more degrees of freedom in its hands and body. It also received a lot of improvements for linguistic database.


Promobot V.4The new Promobot model was presented at CES in Las Vegas. Most of its design and functionality was revamped: it can now integrate with third-party software and additional services. As a result, it became possible to involve robot in more complicated business tasks, such as building management, clinic administrator, police force assistant.
Spanish language implementationOne of the biggest company milestones was the implementation of Spanish language into the robot. It is one of the most widespread languages that is used by entire continents of people. After that, Promobot robots became available in Chile, Spain and Mexico. Besides, Spanish language became very popular in the United States as the robot’s secondary language.
17 robots sold to Astana ExpoAstana Expo is one of the largest convention centers in Asia. They broke the record for the largest single purchase of Promobots ― 17 robots were bought and now are operating within Astana Expo, which makes it the building with the largest amount of service robot employees in the world.
Arabic language implementationPromobot is now the only service robot that speaks Arabic. This was a tremendous feat that made the Middle East market fully available to the company.


Promobot & Tesla accidentIn 2019, Promobot got into a car accident with Tesla Model S during CES in Las Vegas. Promobot engineers were offloading robots before bringing them to the event, while one of the robots got off-route and got to a parking area, where a Tesla car collided with it. After the incident Promobot fell and shut down, Tesla car stopped shortly afterwards. The incident was covered in media all around the world, appearing in news articles from the USA to Australia.
First glance at Robo-CThe first concept of Promobot’s humanoid robot by the name of Alex was presented during Skolkovo Robotics conference in Moscow.
Mass production of Robo-CIn September 2019 Promobot launched mass production of Robo-C ― robots with humanoid appearance. Now, anybody can order a robot with the appearance of any person on Earth.
Promobot LLC signs with FN Holdings from ChinaPromobot and the Chinese company FN Holdings will collaborate to develop a service robot for healthcare. The agreement describes collaboration between the companies in order to bring products to the markets of China and arrange qualitative localization of the robot, as well as organize joint development of technologies in service robotics.
Promobot office in Hong KongA Hong Kong office became the very first Promobot office in Asia. Promobot HK Limited is now a resident of HKSTP ― the largest technology park in Hong Kong region.


Promobot USA officePromobot has been the alumni of VentureOut accelerator in New York from January to March 2020. Oleg Kivokurtsev, Promobot co-founder and CBDO, spent several months in New York representing Promobot. Aside from starting up an office, Promobot opened a Multifunctional Service Center in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania that now maintains robots in the United States.
Mobile Robot ScorpionOur new development was unveiled in February ― a multifunctional mobile robot called Scorpion, as well as the first Use Case for it ― the Security Platform. Scorpion is equipped with a chassis, can recognize faces, travel over obstacles (stairs, curbs) and environments, such as dirt, sand and water. It can be controlled remotely and travel autonomously.
New COVID-19 solutionsAn outbreak of the new coronavirus was declared a worldwide pandemic in the beginning of 2020. In the following few weeks Promobot developed and presented new solutions in containing the virus: autonomous screening terminals Thermocontrol and Thermocontrol+, as well as a new version of mobile robot Scorpion, designed for outdoor disinfection.
The First Human-Looking Robot Employed at Civil Service OfficeRobo-C realistic humanoid robot has started working at a civil service office MFC in Perm, Russia. This is the first time ever when a human-looking robot delivers services in a government facility. The robot works with the citizens, processes documents and forms inquiries.


Skolkovo resident

Promobot is the resident of Skolkovo IT-cluster since 2015.

Startup Village winner in “Robotics” nomination

StartupVillage is the international innovative startups competition. In 2015 Promobot won at Startup Village-2015 in the “Robotics” category, competing against 2,500 companies.

Slush Startup Superstar

Promobot participated in Slush 2015, the largest European startup and technology conference & expo. Promobot received the audience award and was named Slush Startup Superstar.

Forbes 30 under 30

Promobot founders are included in the European "Forbes 30 under 30" list among entrepreneurs under 30.

HKTSP resident

Promobot has been the resident of HKTSP technology park in Hong Kong since January 2020.

VentureOut alumni

Promobot is the alumni of VentureOut accelerator in New York from January to March 2020.


Welcome to Promobot Headquarters


What have been said about Promobot

Julia Davydova
Julia DavydovaROBOTPROMO
Read More
In 2015, when we began to work with robots it was a new, interesting and, in our opinion, a promising direction. We wanted to find our place in the developing, innovative direction of service robots.
Victoria Savchenko
Victoria SavchenkoAdministrator of sales office of Sibpromstroy legal agency
Read More
The robot is pleasant to visitors, it inspires confidence in itself and the company. It cheers people up with its jokes and compliments. People, after communicating with it, expect that we offer a good, modern product, and we, in turn, justify these expectations.
Dinara Mankova
Dinara MankovaDeputy Director Trade Center Colosseum, Perm
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It is much easier to work with the robot: it combines the functions of a promoter and administrator. As a result, we save on hiring two human employees. The robot does not get tired and does not stutter. People approach it, and people are much more loyal to its ads than to flyers, which have to be taken from the hands of the promoter.
Evgeny Volodin
Evgeny VolodinGeneral Director Agency of Advertising Innovations John Galt
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The robot has the appeal of innovation, it attracts attention, and the materials that it demonstrates, do not cause the usual rejection of advertising. Promobot talks, jokes, compliments, and embeds promo-conversations in a casual conversation with a person.
Maria Feoktistova
Maria FeoktistovaHead of Sales Department of LLP Four Banking Solutions
Read More
There were no difficulties, partnership with the company “Promobot” is always on top, all disputable situations are always solved promptly through negotiations. We do not have any issues with the robot. It is easy to use, in technical settings, aesthetically it is very pleasant, which is important when dealing with people.
Timur Zakharchenko
Timur ZakharchenkoHead of Sales Department, INPK Business Group
Read More
In August 2017 the first robot concierge in Russia appeared in the design of the TeslaDom apartment house. This has become a bright newsbreak in the Russian and international media space. Hundreds of media have written about us, we received a lot of calls from journalists. The TeslaDom project became the finalist of the Urban Awards 2017 in the “Innovation” nomination. All this naturally led to interest from buyers.
Alfred Akhtyamov
Alfred AkhtyamovGeneral Director of LLC “Leader 586”, Cafe New Coffee
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Robots attracts attention and leaves no one indifferent. Sweet, sociable, it jokes and compliments people. Everyone wants to be photographed with it: both children and adults, old and young.

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