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Promobot robot can move safely and avoid obstacles thanks to its 16 sensors and a 3D camera installed in each model. Those sensors were developed by the Promobot team. They identify obstacles both by sound waves and by refraction of light, which makes them more accurate than other solutions on the market.
There are three movement modes

Auto mode

Robot moves freely indoors, offers its services, initiates interaction with people.



Shopping centers

Offices and business centers

Other crowded places

Map movement

Promobot moves to predefined points on the map in strict or random order. For each point, you can set an action that the robot performs upon arriving to it- for example, if it’s a museum, the robot can present information about the exhibit when arrived.

With map movement robot can guide customers to desired offices or any other points within their location.



Business centers


Other crowded places

Remote control

In this mode, robot is controlled remotely via the joystick or telepresence service. Remote control can be used when robot needs to move to a specific place or to simulate a precise situation (for example during ads shoot).

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