How to customize movements

Promobot specialists have developed the “Motion Studio Service” app for its customers. It is a web service where new moves, dances and other movement scenarios can be created for robots.


Robots can be customized by installing additional hardware, customize the color scheme of the robot, add specific phrases into the robot, customize facial expressions and movements.

With that you can adjust robot to your audience’s interests, increases their loyalty and brighten their mood. People like it when the robot knows a special greeting of their company, a national dance, etc.

With Motions Studio Service you can arrange a whole concert with several robots by uploading your unique dance into them. Robots will perform it without distractions or mixing the movements.

How the MSS works

Motion Studio Service doesn’t require any additional qualifications and is very intuitive in use, just like the robot itself. The interface has several sections.

Four elements are available for control: head, arms and torso, as well as the robot's movement. You can adjust the movement of the robot’s parts together and separately.


Robot’s pixel face can display 29 facial expressions and mood variations: from anger to happiness. You can add your desired facial expression to any movement


You can also add music to the robot’s movements, facial expressions and dances. It will be played via robot's built-in speakers.


You can watch these videos to see the dances created by Promobot customers using Motion Studio.
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