Promobot is always open to cooperation and work with journalists. We are experts in service robotics, AI, and business development, with over 8 years of supplying new robot solutions to industries worldwide.

The best way to get in touch with us is to send us an email to We are ready to help you with your news articles, research, interviews, especially if you’re working with:

Business development in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, Asia
New technologies, in particular, robot implementations, news, etc.
Academic papers
Robotics and service robotics market

Keep in mind that this is just a part of what we can offer. If you couldn’t find your idea in the list above ― do send it over to us, we’ll think of something together!

Get in touch with our specialists

Alex Yuzhakov

Ph.D. in Engineering Science; Singularity University Executive Program, Silicon Valley

Alex is the Chairman of Promobot. In 2016, he was named one of GQ’s Most Influential People in the Science category. Get in touch with him if you want to learn about running multiple businesses and pushing technology forward right now, today.

Oleg Kiv

North Carolina State University; Purdue University; VentureOut alumnus; Forbes 30 under 30
Oleg is the Co-Founder and CBDO of Promobot. He saw the company rising from a small-time gig with his university friends to one of the largest robot suppliers in the world. Get in touch with him if you want to know everything about Promobot and if you want to see Promobot coming to a city near you.


You can find hi-res photos and videos of Promobot for your articles, news, and social media by clicking links to your right. Use them at your discretion; no permission is required. We’d rather you use originals instead of compressed images from the Internet.

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    Some words about us and our products:

    About Promobot LLC

    Promobot is the largest service robotics manufacturer in Europe.

    We work in the fields of mechatronics, AI, and neural networks. Our developments include autonomous navigation, dialogue systems, manufacturing of artificial skin and muscles. Promobot creates humanoid and service robots, while also engaging with human-machine interaction as a whole.


    Our flagship products include:



    Promobot robots operate in 44 countries around the world. Their line of work includes interaction with people at events, customer assistance, management of internal systems, and patient assessment for hospitals.

    Promobot V.4

    Service robot for business

    Promobot V.4 communicates with people, moves independently, connects with third-party services: from databases to applications. The robot is autonomous – it does not need human control for its work.

    Promobot Robot Assistant is the most ‘human-like’ service robot. It communicates with people using AI, answers questions, and helps customers with services. It moves autonomously and doesn’t require people to control its work.


    Humanoid robot

    Robo-C is an autonomous humanoid robot, which can look like any person, real or fictional. The robot can imitate the mimics and emotions of its prototype, communicate, and interact with the user.

    alex (1) (1)

    Robo-C works as an assistant, manager, or promoter in any organization. It improves the quality of service and increases customer loyalty.

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