Ways of communicating with Promobot Support.

Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 17:00 (GMT+3; UTC +5)
Sat-Sun: off


The response time depends on the workload of the staff at the time of your application. As soon as a member of staff is available, he will answer immediately. It usually takes no more than an hour.

At the first request, please provide contact details, the serial number of the Promobot product, name and TIN of the organisation with which the supply contract was concluded. Please prepare the information in advance so that you don’t waste time in the process of communication on clarification. You will not have to provide the data the next time you apply.

The serial number is in the upper left corner of the screen or as a sticker on the back of the case. It can be specified in the format X.XXXX or XX.XXXX.

Yes, it is possible. You can do this by entering into a service level agreement (SLA). Please contact Support to find out more.

All Promobot products are covered by a standard 1-year warranty.

You need to enter into a collateral warranty agreement. Please contact Support to find out more.

We have changed the format of the support work. Now you can contact us only one of the above ways. There was a notice about it in the chat room.

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