Promobot V.4

Service robot for business

Promobot V.4 communicates with people, travels autonomously and integrates with a third-party software. The robot is autonomous which means it doesn’t require a person for its operation
Video recognition system 1 of 14

Microphone array

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Turning neck

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Touchscreen monitor 4 of 14 3D scanning sensor 5 of 14 Plastic card dispenser 6 of 14 Thermal printer 7 of 14 Photo printer 8 of 14 Mechanical arms 9 of 14

Movement platform

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Obstacle sensors

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Charging port 12 of 14 USB port To upload promotional materials 13 of 14

Payment terminal

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Key Features

Presents the company and its services

Recognizes and remembers faces
Chats on random topics and answers questions

Can be integrated with a third-party software

Scans and auto-completes documents
Works with a e-queue system

Converses using a targeted script

Shows promotional materials on its monitor
Issues keycards

Accepts payment

Prints photos, guest passes, and receipts
Travels and automatically avoids obstacles
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Efficient operation

Promobot V.4 helps


Save on salaries

Help employees with menial tasks

Automate business processes


Serve the customers faster

Improve the mood and engage with people

Attract new customers


Attract media attention

Stand out among the competitors

Create an image of a high-tech company

What's inside

Stages of production

Robot carcass
Promobot carcass is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, moving parts are made of steel.
Electronic parts
Wiring, circuit board and processor installment, electronic parts arrangement happens at this stage. Specific hardware is also being installed during this stage: printers, scanners, bank terminals, etc.
Each plastic part of Promobot’s body undergoes vacuum forming. Afterwards the details are painted and being installed on carcass. Each plastic detail of Promobot is fireproof.
Promobot’s interface is Linux OS by default. At this stage our programmers and linguists develop robot’s linguistic database, face and speech recognition systems, navigation, integrate Promobot with third-party systems.
Each Promobot robot undergoes more than 10 hours of tests during which our engineers troubleshoot and fix any issues until robot works perfectly.

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Promobot activities

Promobot in action


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