Interaction with Promobot

Promobot is fully autonomous. It can work in two modes without human’s help: promo mode and interaction mode.

Promo mode

In this mode the robot is looking for or waiting for an object of interaction – a person. To do that, Promobot presents promotional phrases that attract attention to the robot and engage people in the conversation.

When the robot hears human’s speech, recognizes a person’s face, or feels a tap on the screen, it starts the interaction.

Interaction mode

First, robot determines the age and gender of the person, adapts to height, or remembers if it met the person before. This will affect what is going to happen next, e.g. if the person will be greeted by name or asked to be remembered by the robot.

During the remembering procedure Promobot records person’s name and face. This information can be uploaded into the robot remotely so that it wouldn’t require every person at a large office or a residential area to go through this process.

Robot’s owner can create individual scenarios for people of different ages and genders, that can vary by time, location or services offered. The robot will keep the conversation going and answer questions until the end of the session.

Interaction elements


Promotional phrases, additional phrases, greetings, compliments, sales scripts and others


Robot can move its hands, head and torso, shake hands with the person


Promobot has 29 different facial expressions and mood options: from anger to happiness

Materials on the screen

Photos, videos, documents, web pages, application interfaces


Robot can dance, offer navigation assistance or travel between locations

Additional devices

Promobot can scan documents and barcodes, print receipts, coupons and photos, issue access cards, measure health indicators

The interaction process can be managed remotely using the telepresence service. This is necessary if you need to simulate a situation — for example, to film an ad video.

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