How the robot interacts with humans

Promobot is an autonomous service robot. It works in two modes without a human intervention.

Promo mode is a mode in which a robot searches for or waits for an object to interact with. During this mode, it says promotional phrases that are either informative or engaging into the dialogue.

If the robot heard a speech or saw a face, and also, if it recognized a tap on the screen, then it starts the interaction. After the interaction starts, the robot will answer questions and maintain a dialogue on the given topics.

The robot can determine age and gender of a person with the help of the face recognition technology and uses that infomration during its conversation.

Also, thanks to this technology, the robot is able to remember people. It remembers a person’s face and name during the introduction. Subsequently, the robot recognizes the faces of people known to it and refers to them by name. By the way, there is no need to personally introduce everyone to the robot. Simply upload infomration about a person and it will be able to recognize them.

The user can add phrases and gestures that the robot will use during its interaction and communication iwth people.

Promo-phrases, welcome phrases, replicas – those are the phrases that the robot will say when replying to certain requests. They are added thorugh the linguistic data base web service. It is also possible to add emotions and even a dance.

With the help of the Motion Studio service you can create your own movements for the robot: gestures, movement scripts and dances

If necessary, you can control the speech of the robot remotely.

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