Robot Сoncierge

Promobot can be integrated with the security system, SIP telephony or building’s database. Robot can remember every person that lives or works in the building ― this is the manager with perfect memory, and it is always in a great mood.
What Promobot can do​


Recognize and remember faces

Issue passes to guests

Communicate, answer questions
Smart home device integration

Scan and fill in the documents

Guest pass permission by call or via app

In-house CRM system

Visitor access is set up in an intuitive interface.

The robot has a built-in CRM where you can enter badge requests and information about permanent passes, as well as view information about visitors.

CRM reports can be downloaded in all popular formats, e.g. xls and csv. CRM comes with the robot. It stays with you forever and requires no subscription fees. You won’t need any other software


A complete badging solution

The universal API enables integration: the robot can be connected to the access control system chosen by the customer.

The Promobot Concierge Robot greets guests and gives them their passes, while an automation system manages the entire registration process

Where can Promobot be used?

Places of Application

Business centres

Public or private institutions

Residential complexes

Corporate offices

Efficient operation

Promobot helps to


Save on labour costs

Help employees with menial tasks

Automate business processes


Serve the customers faster

Improve the mood and engage with people

Attract new customers


Attract media attention

Stand out among the competitors

Build an image of a high-tech company


Client stories

Promobot at Business Center
Promobot in Hotels

Promobot activities

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    What Promobot can do​