Robot Medical Assistant

Promobot can measure lung capacity, blood sugar and oxygen saturation levels, as well as other health measurements. It can operate in crowded places and provide quick tests that inform the user about their health status in a simple, non-invasive and entertaining form.
What Promobot can do​


Recognize and remember faces
Conduct patient surveys
Communicate, answer questions

Connect to external services

Measure health indicators

Print receipts and health summaries
Technical equipment

Robot Medical Assessor hardware includes

Non-invasive glucometer Brain Beat


Pulse oximeter

Tonometer for arterial pressure measuring

Where can Promobot be used?

Places of Application


Medical universities

Crowded places

Efficient operation

Promobot helps to


Save on labour costs

Help employees with menial tasks

Automate business processes


Serve the customers faster

Improve the mood and engage with people

Attract new customers


Attract media attention

Stand out among the competitors

Build an image of a high-tech company


See how it works


Client stories

Promobot in Hadassah: Medical Assessor at the Oldest Clinic in Israel
Diagnostic robots work in Medical center

Promobot activities

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