Promobot, a service robot created by a company of the same name, has begun work at Kuwait’s Open Arab University in the city of Al-Ardiya. The robot is supposed to greet and welcome staff, students and applicants, and cheer them up. The robot can communicate in English and Arabic. According to the developers, these droids are the only service robot in the world that speaks Arabic.

In addition to the functions listed above, Promobot can also hold a natural conversation, answer questions and inform employees, students and applicants about anti-covid measures and innovations of the organization. The robot navigates between objects in the university lobby using special sensors. They allow the robot to ‘see’ any obstacles and navigate safely around them. 

This is a landmark project for Promobot, as it has been prepared with our foreign partners over a long period when the university campus was not yet operational. The university considered many variants of such robots, but opted for the Promobot’s model. Our robot speaks Arabic well. It can integrate with third-party systems and services, and has the highest rate of speech recognition. But most importantly, it is more affordable than its competitors.

For the robot to perform its duties effectively, the creators of the robot, together with local integrator Kiran Smart, have developed a special linguistic database containing several thousand Q&A, as well as a face recognition system. This allows the robot to make the right recommendations, tell the latest corporate news, and greet executives by name.

A total of more than 35 Promobot robots are already at work in the Middle East, in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. Besides, they work in other places, such as the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, clinics, banks, schools and police stations.

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