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Promobot V.4 Price List and Configurations

Promobot V.4 Price List and Configurations

Package contents:
- Promobot robot;
- Operation manual and
manufacturer’s specification;
- Charging station;
- Remote controller.

For stable operation, dedicated Wi-Fi network is required, with the speed of 4 mb/sec or higher; Ping parameter should not exceed 50 мс

Promobot V.4 Price List
and Configurations

Select the desired configuration for your business

The robot attracts attention, entertains visitors, provides information about your company.

Areas of application:
  • Promoter at an exhibition, forum
  • Entertainer at an event
  • Presenter/speaker at a conference
  • Doorman
  • Assistand (navigation, work time and general information)

$23 508.00


A multipurpose, ready to use solution for increasing traffic and sales in retail, construction, shopping and business centers, restaurants, offices and at exhibitions.

Areas of application:
  • Consultant (provides information about products and services)
  • Promoter (provides promotional materials)
  • Customer traffic generator to a sale location
  • Shop assistant with statistics collection
  • Concierge in an office / appartment building
  • Manager in a shopping center
  • Host in a restaurant / cafe

$27 067.00


A custom solution designed specifically for your company’s needs.

Areas of application:
  • Manager in a mall/trade center
  • Guide in a museum
  • Shop assistant with payment terminal
  • Doorman/receptionist in a hotel (self check-in)
  • Employee in an airport
  • Consultant in a bank
  • Receptionist in a clinic
* Can be customized to perform specific functions for a business

$35 190.00


  Standard Advanced Custom Select configuration based on the needs of your business. Price (if not included by default)
Basic functions (included in all configurations by default)
Face recognition (10 people by default) Included by default
Voice recognition Included by default
Generation of answers on general questions and supporting the conversation Included by default
Random movement Included by default
Random use of promotional phrases Included by default
Ability to control the robot with remote controller Included by default
Automatic approach to people and determination of the movement radius Included by default
Acess to the linguistic database Included by default
Collection of the analytical information Included by default
Transportation case Included by default
Optional equipment
Printer for photos $348.00
Dispenser of access cards   $1 215.00
PIN pad     $193.00
Receipt printer   $869.00
Navigation system     from $4 630.00
Ability to memorize up to 1 000 people   $945.00
Improved design:
Metallic painting   $530.00
Optional services:
Motion Studio Design Software     $3 300.00
Video conferencing support       $2 120.00
SIP phone support       $2 120.00
Итого $2 3508.00 $2 7067.00 $3 5190.00 $39 430.00  

Promobot V.4 is able to

  • Increase customer traffic by 21%:
    The robot interests and attracts new customers.
  • Improves the customers’ mood and loyalty by 6%:
    The robot leaves no one indifferent
  • Reduce labor costs by 17%
    The robot does not require wages or pension contributions, does not take sick days or vacations
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 24%
    The robot is always friendly and proactive
  • Improve business performance
    The robot always works at a high level, regardless of mood
  • Facilitate the work of the service personnel
    The robot undertakes routine tasks
  • Make your company stand out in the crowd
    The robot is impossible to forget
  • Provide information about discounts, promotions and products
    The robot always delivers what your business requires
  • Relate a company with High-Tech industries
    Less than 3% of people are ready to work with innovative products. Be the company of tomorrow. Implement new technologies.
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