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Promobot V.4

Able to:

  • recognize and remember a person
  • recognize a speech
  • perform voice commands
  • determine the age
  • keep the conversation going
  • move along a given trajectory
  • print photos
  • remember everything that it is told and provide a detailed analytical report

Technologies of Promobot

Movement controller

Power controller

Touch-detection system

Third-Party Solutions Own developments

Face recognition

Voice recognition

Speech synthesis

Analytical Reports

Smart Way Ad

Actuating mechanisms
control module

Autonomous movement
and navigation module

Mudule of peripheral
and extermal devices control

Cognitive Engine:
1. Dialogue module
2. Interaction module

Sevice of deep learning of neural networks on the basis of unstructured big data

Service of the speech synthesis
of phrase-reply on the native language

Third-Party Solutions Own developments

5 degrees of freedom of hands

3 degrees of freedom of torso

3 degrees of freedom of head

Adaptive elevator of the vertical movement

Shockproof body and parts

Third-Party Solutions Own developments

Promobot is an internationally established brand

Skolkovo resident

Prombot Company is developing in the field of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, mechatronics and other high-tech directions. Due to this, the company is one of the most innovative companies in Russia today.

Startup Village 2015 winner

Company Promobot became the winner of the international competition of innovative startups Startup Village 2015, in the category “Robotics”. The industry experts were among the juries, they found LLC Promobot to be the best company among the 2,500 nominees.

Forbes 30 under 30

Founders of the company Promobot are on the list of the most successful entrepreneurs under 30 years according to the Forbes international edition.

Slush 2015 Helsinki

Promobot entered a short list of 100 of the most successful companies on the largest European competition of innovation companies, it also received Audience Choice Award prize. In total, over 15,000 companies from all over Europe took part in the competition in 2015

GenerationS 2014 winner

In 2014 the company won the main competition of innovative startups in Russia, GenerationS. The company was recognized as the best industrial manufacturer of 2014.

AMEC Awards

Promobot’s coverage and media activity were marked by the international AMEC Awards in the field of mass communications. This fact had a positive impact on the company’s entire network of partners.

213 Pomobots are already working

robots are already working

Options of implementation of Promobot

1. Promo

Attracting new customers to the location, demonstration of photo and video materials about the product.

Exhibitions, retail

2. Consultant

To provide a consultation, answer the questions of the clients
about the product, good or service. A variety of languages is
available. It is possible to implement new languages.

Salons of mobile operators, banks

3. Active navigation

It is able to show a map of the location win the current postition of the person and autonomously follow him or get him to the place.

Airports, museums, big malls

4. Entertainment

Communication with humans on a variety of topics, jokes, videous, printing photos and other entertainment services.


5. Questionnaire

Collect of data about the client in easygoing interactive manner. A lead generation tool increases the salse.



  • Meeting the visitors
  • Consultation on the issues (promotion, discounts, new products, product content, etc.)
  • Printing information (coupons, fliers, etc.)
  • Demonstration of the video materials
    about products
  • Possibility to lead to the necessary place/li>
  • Acquaintance and collection of the analytics on


  • Incensement of customer loyalty
  • Improvement of the quality of service
  • Increase the speed of service
  • Improvement of the navigation and perceprion of the store

Promobot or consultant

Come up to a client
to the required place
Greet and speak according to the approved scripts
Suggest new goods
Receive feedback,
information for further processing
Need in vacation
Mistakes, human factor

Promobot V.4 helps the customers, consult and help with navigation

    • Information
      аbout the events, discounts, promotions
    • Calling a person
      manager / employee / consultant
    • Printing
      of discounts, coupons, coupons, questionnaires, offers, cards

  • Communication
    on general topics
  • Informing
    the customers. Consultation on availability and properties of products.
    Demonstration of the targeting and native advertising
  • Navigation
    Possibility to lead to the necessary place

Promobot is a product which is popular all over the world

400 Robots implemented

46 Distributors and partners

15 Service centers

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