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Possibility of customization: Appearance of any person

Android Robo-C is the world’s first humanoid android, which not only simulates the appearance of a person, but also is able to integrate into business processes.

The robot is a completely anthropomorphic machine. It copies human facial expressions: can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips and other “muscles”, and also keep the conversation going and answer to questions. The technology developed by Promobot as well as its own patented design allow you to play over 600 options of facial expressions of a man, the most realistic mimicking his facial expressions. Specialists of the company created own component base, and also used the technology of creation of artificial skin.

Delivery set:

  • Robotic complex
  • Charging station
  • Protective glass Cube

18 moving points of the face

More than 100 000 speech modules in the AI system

3 degrees of freedom of movement of the head

8 hours of battery life


Consultan robot

Robo C is a consultant, can act as a live employee and answer people’s questions in stores, shopping centers, museums and exhibitions

Office employee robot

Robo C is an office employee, able to meet visitors, communicate with employees, tell the latest news and be a part of the company’s ecosystem

Administrator robot

Robo C is an administrator, it is able to provide access, book meeting rooms, as well as record meetings in a particular office

Home robot

Robo C for home is able to decorate the house and copy the appearance of any person


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