Promobot Thermocontrol

An effective countermeasure to COVID-19
In order to slow down the spread of Coronavirus the temperature monitoring should be implemented in public areas and buildings

Promobot Thermocontrol

Promobot Thermocontrol is the new Promobot solution that provides contactless body temperature measurement in public areas. The measurement process takes 5 seconds, with 0.2 degrees accuracy.

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Thermocontrol advantages

Manual measurement
Infrared camera
Contactless body measurement without staff involvement
Number of employees per 600 visitors an hour (avg.)
Accurate measurements according to range recommendations
User photo and measurement results store in the database
Real-time notification system incl. user’s face, full name and measurements

Process of work

The visitor approaches the terminal
Audio signals ensure optimal position of the user for proper work of ThermoControl’s measuring equipment
The result is presented on the screen within 5 seconds
The measurements are sent to the database including the face of the user and their full name (if present in the database)
In case the temperature is not normal the entrance may be restricted via remote access control system

Scope of application

Schools and universities

Industrial facilities

Office buildings

Malls and business centers

Airports and transport stations

Hospitals and clinics


Entertainment centers

Public places

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Efficient operation

Implementation results

Quick body temperature scans
Risk-free testing without involving staff members
Reduction of the human factor in the process
Reduced labor costs

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