The industrial revolution has enveloped mankind in a cloud of big data. With smart machines buzzing and robots bustling, new tasks are being taken care of by mechanical hands and high-resolution lens-eyes literally in every sphere of human life. Robots are everywhere, and there are more of them every day. In an age where robotics has become an integral part of our everyday lives, the question is: Who is at the helm of this innovation wave?

In the world of robotics, companies are usually supposed to be divided into two categories. The first part can be conventionally called “factories”. Factories are literally production sites where robots and their components are created. Anyone can come there with their molds and order, accordingly, anything. The second part is made up of innovative companies that can not only build, but also create from scratch. Promobot stands out among those rivals as being not just a company, but a whole world of innovative ideas and technologies. The strategic approach and constant work on product improvement make Promobot one of the ambitious players in the global robotics arena, a real conductor at the ball of mechanical assistants.

Promobot appeared more than 10 years ago. What initially distinguished it from other market players was its approach to problem-solving. The Promobot team did not make robots for the sake of making them. “Promobot” was created as a task-oriented helper. First, it was a robot snowplow. Then it was a robot counselor with facial recognition and the ability to make small talk. After that, there was a companion robot, an administrator robot, a secretary robot for document management, a doctor robot, a security guard robot, and much more. Starting development by defining a clear user task, over ten years of work Promobot has created not a business, but an assistance system. For instance, if a business needs to reduce expenses on manual or document handling during a pandemic, Promobot develops a robotic system for automatic disinfection of both organic and inorganic surfaces. This system will replace expensive equipment and the specialists who operate it.

Promobot doesn’t just offer robotic assistants. Since 2013, the company has been setting new standards in the industry. Its products not only make everyday life easier, but also have a significant impact on the development of the industry as a whole. The company’s robots have become not just a tool, but an integral part of business processes in a wide range of spheres: from education to financial services. Words such as “similar as Promobot’s” have become household names in the Russian robotics industry. That is what young engineers say, as they intend to make something similar, something that claims to be universally used to solve specific tasks and make life easier for mankind in specific conditions.

Promobot prioritizes implementing innovative solutions to change the perception of the future and technology. It is no wonder, the company affects the shape of the market, as well as the overall standards for the robotics industry. After all, the efforts are aimed at not just following trends, but creating them. It is evident during the annual sports and engineering game “Battle of the Robots”, traditionally organized by Promobot.

The “Battle of the Robots” was launched in 2015 as a support platform for young talented engineers. It is a competition where specialists from all over the country assemble their homemade robots to participate in conditional battles. This competition allows engineers to showcase their skills in designing, programming, and controlling robots. Promobot takes an active role in these games, providing technical support, training and counseling to the young participants. The company acts as mentors and partners, helping young engineers develop their skills.

The competition not only provides an opportunity for young talents to demonstrate their potential, but also serves as a platform for companies, including Promobot, to find and recruit promising specialists. The company is interested in “Battle of the Robots” as an opportunity to collaborate with skilled engineers and potential employees who can contribute to the development of robotics.

Already in the next 6 years we will see many companies related to robotics and other technologies. But all of them will be focused on what we now call innovators. It is the innovators who define trends and directions in the robotics industry, making a significant contribution to shaping the future. They are the ones who today control even those robots that are considered autonomous.


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