At the scene of the death of the robot from an accident with an unmanned vehicle was created a memorial and the candles were lit.

At the annual CES 2019 exhibition, during the preparation for it, an unmanned car Tesla knocked a Promobot robot. The accident happened at a time when the engineers of Promobot, a participant of the exhibition, were carrying out the transportation of robots to the exhibition pavilion. During the movement, one of the robots drove into the roadway, and then was hit by a Tesla car. As a result, the robot suffered critical damage and failed.

The day after the incident, the participants of the exhibition organized an improvised memorial dedicated to the memory of the first robot killed in an accident. In total, several dozen people were in attendance. People carried flowers, lit candles, put pictures of the dead robot and discussed the tragedy.

Promobot robots will be present at CES 2019. At the exhibition you will meet the robots-consultants, concierges and even a robot that recognizes emotions. In addition, every hour robots will give a dance performance at the booth.

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