The Promobot robot has moving arms with eight motors. It gesticulates and interacts with the audience. For the first time the robot will be presented at EEF 2021 (Eastern Economic Forum).

Promobot has started selling a new version of the robot with human appearance –  the Robo-C companion robot. The main distinguishing feature of the new model is its movable arms, capable of making movements in 12 degrees of freedom. For the first time the robot will be presented at EEF 2021.

The development of a new version took four months. There are eight motors in each arm. The robot can carry loads of up to 2 kg with its arms. It can take something in its hand, point the direction, shake the hand of the person it is talking to. The process of transferring commands to the arm is implemented using scripts. The scripts are created using special software in which our engineers work. There are three possible modes: (1) basic communication gestures (2) movements on command from the outside – you can ask the robot to make a gesture such as waving and (3) on command from the development engineer. In the future, we plan to teach the robot to write in different languages and draw” –  says Oleg Kivokurtsev, CBDO of Promobot.

Dynamic stabilization systems, servo motors and arm controllers will form the basis for developing the legs of a humanoid robot. The company has already started their development. Like its predecessor, the updated Robo-C mimics human emotions. It can move its eyes, eyebrows, lips and other ‘muscles’ as well as supporting conversation and answering questions. The technology developed at Promobot, as well as its proprietary design, makes it possible to reproduce over 600 variants of human microexpressions, imitating human emotions as realistically as possible.

The new robot is also based on the company’s latest developments in hyper-realistic skin. Thanks to the new skin, the robot reproduces human emotions even better.  

The company has taken a big new step towards a fully anthropomorphic robot. In fact, service robots from Russia are known all over the world. Consequently, the emergence of new solutions and technologies will strengthen international sales opportunities” – says Ruslan Sarkisov, CEO of the Far East High Technology Fund.

Currently, 19 Robo-C robots have been sold in world. They are working at multifunctional centers, medical universities and museums. With Promobot V.4, the company has produced and delivered more than 700 service robots to customers in 43 countries.

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