Jeffery Adadevoh, VAS & IGC Manager of BTL Plus, discussed how the robot operates in Ghana and how marketing trends coincide with new technologies.

BTL Africa is one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in Africa. According to the creators, it strives for innovation, proactivity, and speed. The agency combines AI and digital to create chemistry between customers and brands. As such, the company decided to get an artificial intelligence robot.


BTL Africa develops and implements new experiences for African brands and recognizable international brands across Africa. Thanks to modern technologies, customers engage with brands differently. As a company that creates experiences for customers, we cannot ignore it. We chose AI and digital as the two technologies we could use to augment the customer experience. As a result, we decided to purchase a robot.


We highlighted certain features for the robot to have as we were researching the market. First, it should be easy to use and operate. Second, we needed to be able to customize it with brand content and make each use unique. Finally, we wanted a humanoid robot that looks ‘out of this world’ yet still looks relatable.

We found that Promobot had all of those features. The company also provided great after-sales support.


Robots are in-demand for product launches, corporate events. They improve the shopper experience in malls, etc. Promobot robots performed various roles at these programs; they provided concierge services ― welcomed guests, accompanied DJs, took photos of guests, and printed them as souvenirs. They also assisted guests at sign-ins for other events, answered questions, provided brand awareness, and offered products. We found that robots are dynamic.


Our biggest challenge was customizing the robot for the French market. We did a lot of translation work and editing to ensure the robot was ready. It was the first time the robot utilized a French voice synthesizer and French language database.

Another challenge was creating relevant brand content for our clients and exploring new use cases. We found new ways to use the robot and create even more exciting content.


In Ghana, Promobot is known as Adwen (which means Intelligence in Twi, a Ghanaian language). Our most memorable event was the 2018 Ghana Music Awards. The robot was provided on behalf of the lead sponsor of the event. That same sponsor then utilized our V4 model, which we call Akili, for DR Congo shopper experience and engagements.


We are excited about Adwen and Akili. Right now, we are in talks with several clients to permanently place Adwen and Akili as customer service assistants in retail shops. To extend the use case of these robots further, we plan to integrate them with digital platforms, such as queuing systems, check-in systems, ticket verification, etc.


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