Everyone needs help from time to time. Today Quantorium and Oleg Kivokurtsev could use some help at Headliner of the year award. Read more about this, as well as about the participation of Promobot in the Synergy forum and the latest awards of the company in our digest.

Support Oleg Kivokurtsev at Headliner of the year award

Photonics“ together with the company for the production of service robots” Promobot “took part in the ”Headliner of the year” competition.

The winners, depending on the nomination, will receive a prize from one up to two million rubles. In case of victory, the prize, by agreement of the organizations, will be sent to the supply of a new model of robot Promobot with the software package ” Laboratory work on robotics for organizations of additional education.” With its help the students of the Quantorium will apply their knowledge in practice

Voting will last until 15 December of 2018. Everyone can take part in the voting, you need to go to the website of the award “Headliner of the year” to choose the nomination “Business” and vote for Oleg Kivokurtsev.

Promobot at Synergy Global Forum

Within the framework of Synergy Global Forum there was a panel discussion People, robots, artificial intelligence, during which experts discussed technological trends, spoke about robotics and shared their views on how to use modern technologies for business development and winning the competition.

The moderator of the discussion was Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors and serial entrepreneur in the field of innovation, and one of the speakers – robot Promobot.

Synergy Global Forum is one of the brightest business events.

Its goal is to provide participants with knowledge, inspiration and motivation to implement global business ideas. Speakers of the forum are world-renowned experts in various industries, authors of business bestsellers, top managers of international companies.

Promobot is the best exporter of the year

Two regional awards marked Promobot company as a bright and successful exporter.

The first “title” was received by the company in the regional competition “Best exporter of the year – 2018”. Winning the nomination was ensured by the widest distribution region- the robot Promobot operate in 26 countries around the world.

The competition was organized by the export support Center and the Fund “Regional engineering center”. Small and medium-sized businesses of the region were invited to participate.

The second award – the “Hard sign” award was received by Promobot from the edition of Kommersant. Every year it is awarded to outstanding projects for their contribution to the development of business, innovative solutions in all sectors of the market, implemented innovative approaches and technologies. The reason for the award was also due to international trade activities.

If you are inspired by the success of the company Promobot and you would like to become a part of the robotic industry, then we have great news for you! Oleg Kivokurtsev will hold the stream “Start a business with Promobot”. As part of the stream on December 13, Oleg will talk about how to make money with Promobot: how to become a partner or dealer, what is the difference between them, what do we provide to our partners and much more.

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