Developers from Cleveland create software for a service robot, so that he recognizes the weapon from passing by and warns shooting in schools. If the robot sees the weapon, it alerts and sends notifications to the police and parents. While the weapons from the robot can be hidden, but by the end of the year the developers are going to equip the system with an infrared camera to increase the degree of threat recognition.

Intellitronix is ​​engaged in the production of LED gauges for vehicles, but has now turned its attention to the sphere of robotics. And one of their first projects was the development of a solution that ensures the safety of children in school. It is implemented on the basis of the robot Promobot V.4.

Negotiations are currently under way with individual educational institutions in the United States. In addition to identifying threats, the robot can be in demand in the educational process, because it is able to build communication and maintain a dialogue.

One robot costs about 50,000 dollars. However, Spivak argues that this is not so expensive for educational institutions, because many already pay for the curriculum that will be provided. Also they hope to attract sponsors.

The company is considering the possibility of future deployment of the robot in the medical field, where he will diagnose patients and even measure their blood pressure.

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