We are working hard to make our robots even better and help more and more companies and individuals. In this regular digest, Promobot will tell you about our new developments, deliveries, and implemented cases. In the current digest you can read about what happened in Promobot recently:

New speech recognition system

Promobot is an autonomous service robot for business. It is intended for use in crowded areas. And those are quite noisy, aren’t they?

We are taking into account the particulars of our robots’ applications and are working to ensure that robots can hear you even in the most difficult conditions.

Specifically for this, we have improved the speech recognition system, namely, the company’s own development, a microphone array, has been introduced into the robot. These are 8 microphones, with the help of which the robot filters the audio stream and focuses on the source of speech. Also, with their help, it can analyze several sources of speech simultaneously. This allows to hear the interlocutors better: Promobot understands exactly who speaks with it, and does not respond to requests from outsiders. By the way, now the interlocutor can even interrupt the robot.

Deliveries to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

We continue the global expansion and now the Promobot supply geography includes 27 countries. Just a few days ago, a robot arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Contrary to some people’s stereotypes, the African continent is undergoing active economic development: many business events are taking place, interest in technology and high-tech business is growing. And in Africa, this Promobot robot is not the first one to have been delivered, there are already a few of them in Ghana.

Open web interface for creating movements and dances for the robot

Now, each user of the Promobot robot has the opportunity to create their own gestures, emotions, and even dance routines. Web service Motion Studio Service – a service for creating movements for a robot, and alongside the movements, with the help of the service you can control the lighting and emotions of a robot, as well as impose music.

Thanks to this service, anyone is able to create a unique dance scenario, gestures when communicating or showing emotions when answering questions.

You do not need to have special skills to work in the Motion studio service. It is enough to have access to the web service, design the necessary script out of the available movements and load that into Promobot.

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