The device Promobot Scanner instantly scans documents, automatically fills in the necessary fields. This reduces the time for preparing accounting statements by 11 times.

Promobot Scanner is a software and hardware complex for automatic scanning and recognition of documents. The system immediately makes a scan and independently fills in the necessary fields in the information system and forms a package of documents necessary to provide the service.

It is enough to place a document on the scanner: the system recognizes the data in 6 seconds, fills out the necessary form, and forms an application. Previously, accountants had to wait for a long time until the scanning process was completed. Then they had to fill out documents manually; according to the device’s creators, this led to errors in the completion process and then to refusals to accept documents from relevant departments (due to incorrectly submitted reports). Now the entire process of recognition, scanning, and filling in data takes place in a few seconds.

«Reduced turnaround time is the most important task of organizations, including government departments and authorities. – says Oleg Kivokurtsev, the CBDO of Promobot. — Our invention will help people get the necessary services faster, wait in line less, and departments will improve the efficiency of employees, freeing them from manual data entry.”

Promobot Scanner implements lean production principles: reducing non-production costs and reducing the loss of resources involved in production. The complex will help to increase the productivity of employees and the quality of customer service. 

Promobot was founded in 2015 in Perm. Today, Promobot is the largest manufacturer of autonomous service robots in Europe. Promobots work in 40 countries as assistants, greeters, managers, assessors, and concierges, assisting and performing various workplace tasks. Promobot robots work in banks, Museum of Contemporary History, civil service offices, Dubai Mall, BWI Airport, and other locations worldwide. 

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