With the help of a robot, medical students will be able to master the skills of diagnosis and treatment of patients

Promobot, a manufacturer of autonomous service robots, together with scientists of the University of Medicine and Dentistry, are developing an anthropomorphic dental robot for dental students. With the modern device, students can learn professional skills (diagnosis, dental treatment and more).

The solution will include Robo-C, a humanoid robot created by Promobot, which will act as a patient. Especially for the project, the developers will install a smart jaw in the robot, equipped with sensors that allow it to detect the correct performance of oral manipulation.

The smart jaw allows you to control the moment of tooth contact, as well as the temperature of the point of contact between the tooth and the instrument, and the pressure that is exerted on the tooth. If a student makes a mistake, such as preparing the wrong tooth or touching soft tissue, sensors transmit a signal to the system and the robot can report the violation to the student using voice commands: “Doctor, that’s the wrong tooth” or “You’re hurting me”.

Important for professional training is the possibility of introducing different cases into the developed system, in accordance with the tasks that will be set in the training of specialists of different levels, ranging from students – dentists elementary courses, to residency and advanced training of highly qualified medical personnel” – says Alexey Yuzhakov, chairman of the Board of Directors of  Promobot

The device also includes a display that shows the patient’s basic vital signs, such as blood pressure and pulse. The student can, paying attention to this information, stop manipulation, e.g., if the robot patient’s blood pressure rises.

In addition to the treatment process, the anthropomorphic dental robot is equipped with an interactive communication mode. The purpose is to practice patient interviewing skills. Thus, before starting treatment, the student should interview the “robot patient” about what is bothering it. Then, the treatment can be started.

According to the developers, the anthropomorphic dental robot will allow students to gain skills in tooth decay removal and detection, tooth cleaning and restoration, and tooth extraction. According to the idea, students start working with the complex in the first year. By the end of studying, they will learn how to handle the instrument correctly, empathize with the patient – pay attention to its behavior and, e.g., to the pulse rate. This will allow all students to learn all the necessary manual and practical techniques of a dentist.

Promobot was founded in 2015. Today Promobot is the largest manufacturer of service robots in Europe. There are promobots in 44 countries, working as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges. They replace and support humans. Promobots can already be found in Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, the National Bank of Oman, a network of clinics in Kuwait, schools in Saudi Arabia and the Abu Dhabi police.

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