It will operate in the Dubai Police headquarters.

An autonomous service robot Promobot began working at the central headquarters of the Dubai police, UAE. Its duties include advising citizens, answering questions, accepting applications from visitors, and monitoring the security of the entrance to the headquarters. The robot can communicate in English and Arabic. According to the developers, Promobot is the only service robot in the world that speaks Arabic.

“With the help of a robot, we will relieve police officers from routine work and limit contacts between people during the pandemic. Police officers are always under the conditions of making the most important decisions — and we cannot allow their work to be influenced by external factors. The safety, health, and even the lives of citizens depend on this,” says Ahmad Al Bayari, Deputy Security Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dubai.

For the robot to effectively perform its duties, the creators of the robot, together with the UAE police, have developed a special linguistic database that contains several thousand questions and answers, as well as a facial recognition system. Promobot “knows by sight” all police officers, visitors, and even wanted criminals.

The robot is also equipped with obstacle sensors developed by Promobot engineers, a contactless thermometer, and a thermal printer — the robot issues special temporary passes to visitors of the headquarters. With the help of sensors, the robot can move freely, avoiding obstacles, and a contactless thermometer allows the robot to monitor the temperature of employees and visitors of police departments.

“This is not our first development experience: our robots are already working in the police of Kazakhstan, mobile phone shops in Turkey, the National Bank of Oman, and the police of the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, where they perform similar tasks,” says Oleg Kivokurtsev, Promobot CBDO. “In this position, the robot eliminates all the so-called “human errors” — it does not get tired, always acts polite to visitors, is never late for work, and most importantly, it never makes mistakes. A person may forget the answer to a certain question or inadvertently measure the temperature incorrectly, that doesn’t happen to a robot. This is impossible.”

This is not the first Promobot robot on the Arabian Peninsula. Robots from Perm can already be found in the Dubai Mall (UAE) — the largest shopping center in the world, the National Bank of Oman, a network of clinics in Kuwait, schools in Saudi Arabia, and the Abu Dhabi police.

Promobot was founded in 2015 in Perm. Today, Promobot is the largest manufacturer of autonomous service robots in Europe. Promobots work in 40 countries as assistants, greeters, managers, assessors, and concierges, assisting and performing various workplace tasks. Promobot robots work in banks, civil service offices, BWI, Dubai Mall, and other locations worldwide.

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