This is what Promobot was up to in 2020. We decided to share our performance with the public, including the number of robots sold, the number of new employees, and our activities worldwide. See how we survived one of the most adverse years of our times, compare it to other companies, and make your own conclusions. While the entire industries were crumbling, service robotics saw a surge in demand and immensely impacted our still-in-pandemic world.

New solutions

This year, we presented our first non-robot product.

In 2020, we went way past the robots. Now we emphasize quick and quality service, creating turnkey technological solutions, ready to work as soon as they’re out of the box. We made lines shorter, automated inquiring at government buildings, and helped businesses with their monotonous work and safety processes.

Promobot Thermocontrol

Contactless screening stations were our primary response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 we installed multiple stations in schools, offices, and hospitals worldwide, from Greece to Chile to the US. In the most crucial moment, we restructured our entire manufacturing process, which helped us adapt to the new times, keep the business afloat, and help people.

New Use Cases for our best products

On top of developing new products, we also enhanced our current ones. Robo-C, our robot with a human-like appearance, received two new Use Cases: a civil office consultant and a doctor appointment simulator. Both cases represent two entirely different fields. In both, tasks can be successfully fulfilled with one service mechanism ― only to attest to how much we prioritize the speed and quality of service.

Our student training robot imitated a doctor’s appointment. Medical students were conducting the interview assuming the role of a doctor. In the process, the robot evaluated their responses, methods, and the accuracy of their diagnosis. It relieved students and universities alike, as there was no more need for paid actors or professors themselves to conduct the interview.

Human-like robots also arrived at several civil offices in two cities. They are the first-ever human-looking robots employed at the civil service.

Market performance

During the lockdown year, we manufactured 333 devices; that’s 2,7 times more than in 2019.

Before the pandemic, we opened our international service center in the United States, growing our worldwide team from 82 to 107 specialists.

Most of our sales came from the United States at 42%. Before that, only one country had a single lead in our overall sales ― in 2019, 17% of our total robot sales came from Switzerland.

Promobot in media

An ever-increasing demand for robotics and our robot implementations ensured attention from the media. Throughout the year, we appeared in the news, did interviews, and penned multiple partnerships.

Promobot ran quick tests for Coronavirus at Times Square.

Service Robot Greets Passengers of International Airport in Istanbul

Year of opportunities

In 2020, Promobot turned five years old. In this time, we came forward as one of the innovators on the market, long passing giants from China and Japan in the quality of service that we provide; immediate, thorough, and universal.

This year has not been easy for anybody: from corporations and entrepreneurs to employees and people as a whole. Looking back, we feel incredibly grateful; we kept our products, clients, and investors. We brought more people into our team, and all of that despite every possible obstacle that stood in our way. Now, we are inspired; even when the world is on fire, we are still up and ready to go.

Some people are already dubbing 2021 as the year of science and technology. You might think ― now should the time for us to shine, right? And we’ll be honest: we have never stopped shining, to begin with. Each year for Promobot is the year of science and technology. As you can see, the statement rang true even in 2020.

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