Promobot Digest (February, 14)

We are working hard to make our robots even better and help more and more companies and individuals. In this regular digest, Promobot will tell you about our new developments, deliveries, and implemented cases. In the current digest you can read about what happened in Promobot recently:


Promobot Digest (January 30)

CES-2018 in Las Vegas may be over, but the adventures of Promobot in the USA are certainly not. Alexey Yuzhakov went to Miami, where he met with the company’s current and future partners. Entering the American market is a promising step and a new challenge that our company is taking with excitement.


Promobot Digest (January 15)

CES 2018 has finished in Las Vegas – the main global exhibition of innovations and consumer equipment. Our digest is dedicated to our participation in this global event.


Promobot Digest (November 27)

Last week, Promobot appeared in the future city of Bill Gates, became the best solution in the financial field and visited the exhibition of robotics. More about everything – in our digest. By the way, what did you do last week?


Promobot Digest (October 16)

We have signed a contract for the supply of 40 robots in the United States.

The American company Cyborg Instruments and the Russian manufacturer of autonomous service robots Promobot signed a contract for the supply of 40 Promobot V.3 robots to the US, by the end of November 2019.


Promobot Digest (July 24)

New linguistic neural network

Promobot robots will become even greater interlocutors, because now they will be equipped with a linguistic neural network.


Promobot in tests from Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, the renowned British daily newspaper, decided to arrange the test for new robots. Promobot was among the participants. Our robot, by the way, withstood it with flying colors and ranked fourth in the overall ratin